Homeschool Classes

Homeschool ProgramsConvenient Tutor offers a full range of homeschool classes, grades K-12, Monday through Friday. Our intention is to give each individual homeschool resources and options to help provide professional teaching and a thorough curriculum when needed. We not only provide teaching and curriculum, but a nurturing community in which students grow socially as well as intellectually. We also provide assistance with state and college requirements and mandates. Convenient Tutor is committed to challenging each student at his/her level, with the intention of moving toward goals developed in conjunction with parents and other professionals.

End-of-Year Testing

Convenient Tutor offers homeschool families the option of completing their End of Year Testing with us.
We provide a full range of testing, overseen by a certified test administrator, for 4th through 12th grades. Each spring we assess intermediate grades (4th-6th ) and middle grades (7th-8th ) with the Stanford Achievement Test, and grades 9-12 using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Group testing occurs in mid to late March, though individual test dates can be scheduled.

Executive Functions Coaching

Executive Functions Deficit Coaching, available by appointment only. Executive Functions Coaching is for students that struggle primarily with problems such as: disorganization, procrastination, impulsivity, distractibility, rigid thinking patterns (trouble adapting to new situations or routines), and careless mistakes when rushing through work. Coaching in this area can help students learn to manage self-awareness, self-control, working memory, emotional self-regulation, and most specifically, organization, planning, problem solving and self-advocacy.

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