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About Convenient Tutor

About UsJames Foust started Convenient Tutor while working as department head at Asheville Christian Academy to serve students in their homes via Skype and email (thus 'convenient') while continuing to teach a full course load during the day. He soon expanded his offerings to after school one-on-one tutoring sessions as well as courses for homeschoolers. As the demand for his services grew, it became apparent the only way to meet the needs of all of those seeking his assistance was to open Convenient Tutor as a full-time business. He took the plunge in the summer of 2010. In the meantime, Bob Walters, who was already working as a full time tutor, heard of James' intentions through mutual clients and put out feelers. Seeing the beauty of collaboration, James called Bob to seek his services teaching and tutoring in the English and humanities as a complement to James' math and science offerings. They began working together almost immediately. A little later, Sharon Riley was added to the full time roster as Office Manager and Administrative Assistant. The company has, over the past five years, added over twenty full and part-time tutors to our roster, teaching everything from AP Calculus to Creative Writing to Mandarin Chinese.

An important part of our growth has been our ability to work closely with families to both academic and scheduling needs. We have flexibility that enables us to find solutions to what would otherwise be challenging situations. We have, for instance, been able to accommodate students who must sometimes travel due to pursuits such as athletics, music, dance, or acting. Using extra tutoring sessions, email, Google Chat, and careful planning, we have helped these students pursue their dreams without compromising their educations, or vice versa.

The other important factor in our growth has been the relationships we build with our students and parents. Our philosophy maintains that individual and small group instruction not only facilitates effective teaching but also strong relationships that build character and a love of learning. We enjoy our work; we choose to be here because we believe that what we are doing truly benefits our students and their families. We see this reflected in our students and one another daily.

Convenient Tutor has grown into a complete tutoring operation that serves homeschool students during the school-day, and students from all forms of schooling in the afternoon and evening. Working from our suite of rooms at 900 Hendersonville Rd, Suite 310, we offer a broad range of courses, one-on-one tutoring and classes, SAT, and other Standardized Test Prep, Executive Function counseling, enrichment courses, summer sessions, and more. Please call us or schedule a visit if you have any questions regarding course offerings, tutorials, rates, or scheduling. We look forward to hearing from you.